September 2020

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Situation at the Leisure Centre and Playing Fields

Nazeing Parish Council are the owners of Bumbles Green Leisure Centre and the playing field. Thames Water were contacted to investigate and resolve the recent problem but were unable to. Following a further inspection of the Leisure Centre, the situation has deteriorated, there is now a nasty smell inside the building, there are puddles of sludge in the car park, which has spread onto the playing field and the land between the Leisure Centre and the Avenue has been contaminated.

The trees in the car park may have caused the below ground foul drainage system to collapse preventing the run off of waste water and sewage as well as rain water. This has led to a build-up of sewage in the manholes at the side of the Leisure Centre during its former occupation. It appears at first glance the rainwater pipework and foul drainage sewer pipework are connected below ground somewhere (this practice is no longer permitted for this very reason). The recent very heavy rain has forced a large quantity of sewage out of the manholes which has run under the shed and over the car park onto the playing field, the drier weather has seen the water content soak away leaving dried sewage on the ground.

The Council have informed the relevant authorities of the issue.  The Council have instructed contractors to quote for the decontamination and disinfection of the areas affected by the overflowing manhole, to quote to cap off the drainage to prevent this happening again and to take advice with regards to the removal of the trees and the demolition and clearance of the Leisure Centre.

The Council’s major concern and responsibility is to ensure the protection of the children and public that access this space. The Council will advise when the site is ready to be reopened and request any members of the public to refrain from trespassing on the site until the issue has been resolved. Notices have been erected around the site to advise the public. The Council have a Health and Safety duty of care which it takes very seriously and as such until the problem is resolved, the car park and pitches must remain closed.

Update 11/09/2020