Street Lights Not Working – Maplecroft, Shooters Drive, Palmers Grove, Banes Down, Highland Road we are aware that the street lights in these roads stopped working at around 8:00pm on Thursday 3rd November. This has been reported to UK Power Networks as a power issues and any updates will be posted here once known. Their standard for repairing issues of this nature is 20 working days.

UPDATE 22/11/22: UK Power Network engineers on site today and have been investigating to resolve the issue.

UPDATE 23/11/22: UK Power Network advised that it is not going to be a quick fix, it will take some time and resources to resolve. It may possibly require a complete shut down of electricity in the area (residents will be notified should this be required).

UPDATE 25/11/22: UK Power Networks advise that the issue has been resolved today. An alternative electrical feed has been connected.

Emergency Street Lighting Issues – Contact Information

During the day, please contact the Council office 01992 893012 in the first instance, otherwise please then try the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Council ( It is expected that overnight, the Police & Essex Highways would respond to any emergency situation that arose, as has happened previously.

Street Lighting Issues

If a light is faulty, please contact the Council office telephone 01992 893012 or email