The bridge opened as planned on 1st May.

Message from Charles Baker of Network Rail :

Hi Lorraine,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your assistance throughout the project. It’s been really useful to have the Parish Council’s feedback as we’ve planned and delivered the work. I know it’s not always been easy, but I hope we’ve demonstrated that we’ve tried to incorporate this feedback into our plans to help reduce the impact we have on the communities we serve.

We’re also grateful to you for helping to keep residents informed. We’re so pleased to have opened the bridge on time, and I hope this is appreciated.

All the best,

Charles Baker | Senior Public Affairs Manager | Anglia route | Network Rail
07922 009841|
One Stratford Place | Montfichet Road | London | E20 1EJ

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Update 29/04/23: Great news!! Network Rail have confirmed the programme of works is still on schedule and completion due 30/04/23 with the bridge opening on 01/05/2023 at 5am. The work scheduled for yesterday evening went ahead as planned, with no issues.

Update 27/04/23: Network Rail have confirmed the programme of works is still on schedule and completion due 30/04/23 with the bridge opening on 01/05/2023 at 5am. Network Rail have work planned for Friday evening/Saturday morning which requires a railway closure, and after these works, they will confirm to Nazeing Parish Council if they are still on target. A further update will be posted on Saturday.

The Parish Council are continuing to have regular meetings with Murphys & Network Rail. Please see notes below for summary of key points. Murphys are continuing to advise neighbouring residents of any works that may affect them.

Upcoming Nightworks 4th/5th March Click for Details This may affect residents in the immediate vicinity.

Images Showing Bridge Repairs Underway Click for Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Temporary traffic lights at Dobbs Weir Any problems with these lights at any time, please call 01277 215010

Overnight works Thursday 12 January Click here for details sent to local residents

Temporary Bus Timetable for C392 from 3rd January while bridge is closed Click Here

Temporary Traffic Signals commencing 3rd January 2023 at Sedge Green and Dobbs Weir Road – click links for full details. Network Rail advise that the Dobbs Weir lights have been agreed as a trial traffic calming measure, in consultation with residents. The Sedge Green works have been flagged with the relevant authority.

Network Rail are holding a virtual information event on 20/12/2022 Click here for details
Presentation details 20/12/2022 Click here

Nazeing Parish Council are holding regular meetings with Network Rail / Murphy.
Here is a summary of the key points (updated 21/04/23)

  1. Communication of the closure.
    i) Letters have been posted to Nazeing, Broxbourne & Dobbs Weir to advise residents & businesses. Click here for Map of Communication radius
    ii) Emergency services, schools, doctors, dentists, Dobbs Weir Residents Association have also been advised.
    iii) Additional signage has been requested by Nazeing businesses, “Businesses open as usual” and has been installed.
  2. Mitigation – what is in place?
    i) The pedestrian footpath. The pedestrian route will be improved – area to be painted, improve lighting, have tower lighting and introduce CCTV.
    Changes in place and Murphys will continue to make any improvements throughout the duration of the works.
    Footpath is being checked weekly by Murphys.
    Patrol has been introduced by Network Rail from 4pm to midnight, as an additional security measure.
    Mirror has been installed as a safety feature. (recently vandalised & replacement to be fitted – Murphys will install as soon as possible).
    Murphys will be re-painting the tunnel before they vacate the site.
    ii) Bus service
    EFCT have adapted the timetable. There is potentially an issue for school children and Murphys are in contact with local schools.
    ** School parents can park at the Lido for free during school drop off and pick up times. Parents to ask their school to contact Broxbourne Council if they require this facility. Both Broxbourne primary & senior schools are already participating in this scheme. **
    iii) The railway is closed 13 to 18 January. It will be the responsibility of the rail operators to provide a replacement bus service.  Nazeing commuters will be able to park in the Lido and walk over pedestrian route to access this service. Click here – Network Rail Website – Closure Information and Suspended Train Service (PDF version)
  3. Access to the Site by Murphy
    i) Depending on the works, Murphy’s staff / deliveries will require access to the bridge from both sides, however, they are expecting most deliveries to be from the Broxbourne side.
  4. Programme of Works.
    High Level Programme:
    i) From 3rd January: Road closure.
    ii) 13th to 19th January:  Spans 2 and 3 demolished and replaced.
    iii) 20th Jan to 1st April:  Spans 1 and 4 strengthened.
    iv) Start Feb: Abutment strengthening works and approach wall.
    v) Mid Feb to mid March: utility services permanently installed.
    vi) March to mid April: concrete pour and works.
    vii) Mid April to 30th April: Asphalt laid and line marking.
    viii) From 30th April: the bridge will re-open.
    ix) May: Removal of scaffolding.
    x) May to June: any snagging issues resolved.
  5. When the Closure starts
    i) Concern was expressed that Murphy’s may block the road. Reassurance was given that this should not happen.
    ii) Can any issues be reported to Steven Beaucamp (Murphy) directly? Yes this is acceptable.
    iii) Concern was expressed that the programme will overrun.  Reassurance was given that they are confident the programme is robust and realistic.
    iv) Murphy’s plans to have weekly meetings with Highways during the works and the Parish Council will be invited to all relevant meetings

15/11/2022 Letter from Network Rail confirming Bridge Closure Dates3rd January to 30th April 2023 Click Here Bridge closure has been reduced from 6/7 months to 4 month due to the intervention of Nazeing Parish Council.

Update from Network Rail 07-09-2022 – Single Lane Closure from 19 Sept Click here for details

Public Meeting Regarding The Bridge Closure: Thursday 22nd September Click the following links for: Presentation Slides; Full Meeting Notes ; Summary Points and Outstanding Questions

30/08/2022 Brief update from Charles Baker (Network Rail)

I’m really sorry there’s still no update. I was hoping to have some dates for you a couple of weeks ago. Regrettably, we’re still working to agree a revised schedule of railway closures so, as yet, there are no confirmed dates on which the work will be done. I appreciate the frustration at the length of time this is taking but will let you know as soon as I have further information.

Brief update from Charles Baker (Network Rail) Broxbourne-Bridge-Closure-email-06-07-2022

Brief update from Charles Baker (Network Rail) Broxbourne-Bridge-Closure-email 23-06-2022

17/6/2022 Presentation Slides From Community Briefing Click here

Closure Delayed Click here for Network Rail letter 25/05/22 ** Road closure will NOT begin on Monday 6 June **

Invitation to Community Briefing Event – 25th May 6pm Click here for full details and links to the Microsoft Teams web-event

19/04/2022 Letter of Response to Broxbourne Borough Council Planning and addendum with details of impact to residents Click here

31/03/2022 Minutes of Meeting with Network Rail and Murphy Group click here or pdf download.

29/03/2022 Update from Network Rail In response to liaison with Cllr Stock of Nazeing Parish Council and Dawn Warwick, community representative. There is also now confirmation that there is no expected disruption to gas, electricity or internet services. The project team will be visiting Nazeing and meeting with Cllr Stock on Thursday 31st March to discuss the impact of the disruption on local residents.

Key dates:

  • April 2022. Start of enabling work required for the replacement of the bridge, for example setting up site compound.
  • May 2022. Build temporary scaffold bridge to the north of the existing structure. This will carry services that currently run through the existing structure. The key work will be undertaken during planned closures of the railway on 30 April to 2 May and 7 – 8 May.
  • 6 June 2022. The road will be closed to start excavation of the carriageways over the bridge.
  • 29 July 2022.  All services will be diverted across the temporary bridge.
  • 1 August 2022.  Start demolish the existing bridge. Key work will happen during planned weekend closures of the railway between 6 and 21 August.
  • 22 August 2022. Start building the new bridge. The key work will be during the Bank Holiday weekend (27th – 29th August) to lift in the new bridge using a large crane in Broxbourne Station car park.
  • September – November 2022. The new bridge will be made ready to open to the public. This will include installing new drainage, kerbing, ducting, road markings and footpaths. Services will be redirected over the new bridge between 12 October and 18 November.
  • 25 November 2022. The road will be reopened following completion of the work.

23/03/2022 Letter Received From Hillgrove Business Park Management Ltd regarding the planned works to the bridge and the impact to the businesses on this site. Click here for letter.

22/03/2022 Stakeholder Letter Click here

15/03/2022 Borough of Broxbourne Environmental Health Memo Noise response

11/03/2022 Early NotificationReplacement of Nazeing New Road Bridge Work commencing 11th April. Nazeing New Road will be closed to all traffic and pedestrians from 6th June until the end of November 2022. Any questions or concerns, please telephone the 24-Hour National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 or visit Click for details

04/03/2022 Hertfordshire County Councils Response to Planning Application Click for page 1 and page 2